Corn Heaven
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Welcome To corn heaven

The only place for gourmet delicious corn

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Our Roots

Growing up in Los Angeles i've been treated to some of the finest dining choices the world has to offer.  One thing that has always stuck with me is my love of corn. I grew up waiting for the "elote" man after school so I can enjoy my favorite snack. This love and obsession with corn grew with me and the Corn Heaven dream was born. The food truck came years later in 2011 and the journey has been an amazing learning experience.


Our corn

Fresh, fast, delicious, and fun is what consumers crave every day and Corn Heaven is here to bring that back. We want to grow to stadiums, airports and tourist attractions like theme parks with our primary locations being in malls. We want to be open mall hours not restaurant hours. We’re not in it to be boring, we’re bringing our fun logo and bright colors and ideas to every location. Customers will be treated to the corn process when they feast their eyes on the preparation of their corn masterpiece.


our mission

to provide an outstanding delicious flavor in every bite served to you with a genuine smile to leave you feeling a joy and ultimate satisfaction at a price you'll love.